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“Paas nahin toh iska yeh matlab nahin ki saath nahin”
- Arnav Singh Raizada (via thelaadgoverness)
thelaadgoverness asked: si votre histoire blesse mon coeur, alors nous aurons à échanger des mots

aha mon ami, mon histoire fera votre coeur plus grand seulement!

Arshi/Arhi AU WHERE…

Arnav and Khushi are both second year students during the Triwizard Tournament and Arnav teases Khushi endlessly about her constant fangirling over Krum and Diggory

HOWEVER, showing Granger like qualities, Khushi knows about Arnav’s secret crush on Fleur Delacour and she makes a spectacle of his obsession in the Great Hall, leaving Arnav even more embarrassed than Neville could ever dream to be.

Anonyme asked: chapter 4 was my favorite so far. Your story is very interesting and I like that it's like a novel more than a fanfiction. update soon!


Thank you so much, I’m so glad you liked it! (:

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All of “Obliviate” has been posted on Wordpress which is just a nicer way to read the story in terms of formatting in comparison to tumblr.

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Obliviate - Chapter 4

I have been waiting to write this chapter since I started this story! Now on with the show ;)

                “Another round of your strongest stuff please.”

                As he placed his head down on the cool bar table, he could hear the crinkle of the ice cubes as the bartender filled up his glass.  He was surrounded by a murmur of voices from the people around him, the clinking of glasses, and light jazz music which began to fill up his ears. It was oddly soothing.

                When was the last time I came here?

Afficher davantage

 “Khushi Kumari Gupta…”

“Khushi Kumari Gupta…”

Obliviate - Chapter 3

*I apologize for this being late which is why it’s much longer than the other updates and Chapter 4 will also be up shortly!*

All flashbacks are italicized

“I think as your wife, I’ve earned the right to tell the great Arnav Singh Raizada when he’s done enough work for the day. I thought the whole point of doing work from home was so that we could spend more time together? I mean come on Arnav, we’ve been married for 6 months now and we’re hardly like other newly married couples.”

Arnav rolled his eyes at her last statement.

Afficher davantage