So I reopened this blog (If I follow you, it shows up as @ohmygrabovski) loser(s)

Hey Guys

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know how much I’ve been freaking out about school for some time now. And with the death of the student on campus last week, it only added to my anxiety.For that reason, I’m going on a hiatus until October which could easily be stretched to December.

And to make sure I don’t come on before then, I’m having Ashley change my password.

I don’t however, have a queue set up so unfollow me if you want!

I hope you all have a great semester and more importantly, I hope your hockey teams do well (unless they play the Leafs in which case I hope they rot in loses).

Wish me luck.

Go Leafs Go.



"Happy Birthday Khushi" 

I have my first class tomorrow and I’m nervous af SO should I post a photoset to distract myself or should I read fanfiction or should I sit in a corner and cry 

50 Shades of Arhi (11/50)


11/50 - Fire

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Arnav Singh Raizada:

‘aaj mausam hai suhana…buaji ki ghar jaane ka hai bahana…what the what the what the…’

omg too sweet

Barun! Barun!……..Nalaayak hai……Barun! pura khol!……

Significance of today’s episode: Today Arnav, for the first time, clearly declared his love for Khushi with “Woh ladki Khushi hai, di…jiske bina mujhe lagta hai meri saasein ruk jayengi. Maine kabhi nahi socha tha meri zindagi mein aisa hoga. Par aisa hua. Bahut pyaar karta hoon main usko”. 

Can we also appreciate Payash a little please? Thank you for moving forward. I love how Akash said “lets and fix what is not fixed and make our relationship like it was before”.

Anjali asking Khushi to eat breakfast before she leaves- show’s that Anjali truly does understand, and the happiness it brought to Khushi’s face was as close to when Arnav got her chane, which was the cutest thing ever. Just look at the great Arnav Singh Raizada doing little things for his wife! And SINGING to cheer her up. I think today marks the day Arnav Singh Raizada has become a pati. 

I love how everything was put back in place in today’s episode. Payash were payash again, Anjali was happier, Arnav was adorable, NK was funny as ever and Khushi was back, atleast for a bit. Thanks CV’S, for proving that this is not a usual dramatic dragged saas-sautan hindi serial. 

Vaise jubh tum soti ho… :’)

Anonyme asked: you all talk through tumblr? you can do that?

No, through texting lmao - like a group chat type thing

I’m not sure if you can do that on tumblr but I’m assuming there’s an xkit or some other form of extension avalible 

Like 90% of the time I talk to Bubble, Neha, and Amrit - we spend a good portion of the time fangirling but then it ends off with us crying about school and then somehow, someone begins singing Rabba Ve and we all fall in-sync and join in and wow it’s just a beautiful process lmao